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Dentures and partial dentures are made to restore the function back to a patients mouth when teeth are missing or are damaged beyond repair. This not only helps improve the appearance of a patient’s smile, but it can also improve the overall health of the patient.

When a person’s teeth have fallen out or are damaged and painful, eating habits change. Reduced food intake, lack of solid and vitamin rich foods can seriously affect the health of a patient, causing other issues other than just those in the mouth.

Dentures are used by seasoned and young people in need of this kind of care. With the best technology, we can create dentures for a patient that look great and feel comfortable.

We love it when patients tell us about the improvement in their quality of life because of their dentures. Come see us!

Conventional and Implant Dentures are Available

Standard dentures, or conventional dentures, are made for comfort and improved appearance; although they can occasionally slip around a patient’s mouth. Implant dentures eliminate this issue by attaching the dentures to implants for a solid experience.

Getting Dentures for the First Time

If you are new to getting dentures, you may have a few questions. Ultimately, our staff will determine if dentures are right for each patient; however, if you have a large number of missing teeth and a lot of decay, you might be a candidate for dentures. We offer a complimentary consultation for dentures.

If you are a candidate for dentures, we will schedule an appointment to get your mouth ready to receive the dentures. In some cases, teeth will be extracted to allow room for the denture. Some patients wear dentures on the top and bottom arches of their mouth, some on one arch and some wear partial dentures on one side of their mouth.

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Denture Dentist Houston - Elite Dental Wellness

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