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Remove Uncomfortable Wisdom Teeth

Let us remove those uncomfortable, crowding wisdom teeth. When wisdom teeth come in, they can cause crowding and discomfort. Even when it seems there is space, other issues can arise.

Wisdom Tooth extraction is usually performed when there is an impacted wisdom tooth or a tooth that does not have enough room to grow in properly. These teeth must be removed as they can cause all types of problems such as infection, pain and even moving of the other teeth and pressure on the gums.

Wisdom teeth that are not impacted may be removed to avoid any future complications. If you have any questions about the procedure before or after care, call us at 713-789-8680.

The use of Dental Sedation

For those who may be a little apprehensive or anxious about getting your wisdom teeth removed, we have dental sedation available to help calm your nerves and make your visit with us comfortable.

Wisdom tooth extractions, or other tooth extractions, can be performed by either a dentist or an oral surgeon. First, the dentist or surgeon will use anesthesia to numb the area.

There are two types of anesthesia that is given. The first is topical and local that involves using a numbing agent on and in the gums and you are awake for the procedure. The second is sedation anesthesia that involves medication given to help you relax or sleep.

During the procedure, the dentist creates flaps in the gum using incisions to expose the tooth and bone so that it can be removed completely.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions Dentist - Elite Dental Wellness
After the tooth and all bony tissues have been removed the doctor will clean the area and make sure nothing is left behind. The doctor will then stitch the incision and pack the empty socket to control bleeding and help clotting to begin. The socket is usually packed with gauze.

When the procedure is finished, we will discuss with you the proper care that is needed. They will discuss things that you should or should not eat, or do, while recovering. Wisdom Tooth Extraction can relieve people in discomfort and from future issues.

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