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Are you a passionate football player or an enthusiastic wrestler searching for a quality sports mouth guard? If so, here are some tips and suggestions relating to the selection and maintenance of a suitable mouth guard.

Sports mouth guards are synthetic coverings that are worn to help protect your teeth and jaw from accidental injuries that can occur due to impact. Many outdoor and indoor games pose a great threat of dental injuries. For example, dental traumas occur in more than 30% of boxing matches.

Protect Your Teeth with the Best Mouth Guards

We offer custom-fitted Under Armour Sports Mouth Guards. These mouth guards work well and are stylish. Protect your teeth and look great at the same time!

Many kinds of mouth guards are available for maximum protection. Custom fitted sports mouth guards are made especially for individual customers. First, we take a dental impression with materials that “remember” the shape of your teeth. We then send the impression to a dental lab that will manufacture a custom mouth guard. These guards have a great advantage as they firmly support your teeth.

Looking for a night mouth guard? Sports mouth guards are not recommended for sleep because they are much more bulky and aren’t shaped to promote healthier breathing at night. Click HERE to learn more about night guards.

Sports Mouth Guards Dentist Houston - Elite Dental Wellness
Stock mouth protectors are available which are ready to use safeguards. These are bulky and there may be a difficulty in breathing and salivation. These provide very little support and are usually not recommended.

Boil and bite mouth protectors are comparatively better as it adjusts to its right place in mouth. You just have to keep the thermoplastic body in hot water. After desired softening, the synthetic mouth piece is adjusted with the help of fingers and tongue. These mouthguards still don’t provide the proper amount of protection like the custom fitted mouth guards that we provide do. Our mouth guards will actually help correct the position of your bite, which can help relax your TMJ.

Proper maintenance of mouth guards is very crucial. Brushing and washing your mouth guard after each use is a healthy practice to avoid bacterial growth. Damaged guards should be instantly replaced to avoid any injury. We recommend the use of these safety structures during any activity where there may be contact, even basketball, driving and skating.

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