Same Day Dentistry - Dental Crowns, Veneers, Inlays, OnlaysRecently our office introduced the E4D Dental Crown milling unit to our office; which has given us the ability to do more of the convenient, same day dentistry that our patients love.

The E4D is an amazing piece of technology that helps us deliver high quality dental restorations without the need to wait for a dental laboratory, in most cases. Traditionally, in the case of a crown restoration, we would prepare the affected tooth, take impressions of it, place a temporary crown, send the impression to the lab and it could take a couple weeks to get back the final crown restoration. Also, temporaries aren’t as strong as the final restoration and can break.

The introduction of the E4D has allowed us to start doing more procedures in the same day and has saved our patients multiple trips back to our office for the same procedure. Of course, there will be situations that will call for multiple trips, but we are aware of the inconvenience this can be and work hard to ensure our patients are served in the most efficient, comfortable manner, with the highest of quality materials and equipment.

Please contact us at 713-789-8680 to see if you are a candidate for same day dental crowns, veneers, inlays, onlays or other restorations.

Note: The E4D is a milling unit that is similar to the Cerec. When patients are looking for a Cerec crown, they are basically saying they want a same day crown. If you are looking for a Cerec crown, please contact us. Our E4D milling unit can produce the same day dental restoration that you are looking for.