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Do you have missing or broken teeth that cause you embarrassment, problems eating and even speaking? Have you ever considered partial dentures?

You may think that dentures are just for the elderly and the toothless, but that just isn’t the case. Partial dentures can be a wise and stylish choice for people of any age.

Attractive, practical, partial dentures will give you a great smile. If your missing teeth have caused you problems eating or speaking, you can stop worrying about that! Functional partial dentures will help you eat and speak properly once again!

When are Partial Dentures Used?

When enough teeth are missing on one side, or teeth surrounding a missing tooth aren’t strong enough to support a bridge. Also, if dental implants aren’t an option, partial dentures are a great option.

Partial dentures are made to look realistic, and match your surrounding teeth. If your jaw bone can support the placement of dental implants, it is possible to use an implant partial denture for a stable, comfortable feel.

While dental implants are the best option for dealing with missing teeth, if your jaw bone is not large enough or strong enough to sustain them, and the teeth surrounding the tooth socket are not strong, implants are not a good choice.

In this case, standard partial dentures are still an excellent option that will improve your ability to chew food and speak comfortably.

Partial Denture Dentist Houston - Elite Dental Wellness
When you select your partial dentures, you will have the choice of acrylic dentures or chrome dentures. Chrome dentures are generally thinner and stronger. If you tend to bite down hard, they will serve you better than acrylic dentures. However, acrylic dentures are less expensive, and they are lightweight so may be more comfortable.

Partial dentures can save you money and time! If you have missing teeth, partial dentures can be an affordable alternative to dental implants or bridgework. In just two-to-four visits to your dentist, you can be fitted with comfortable, good-looking partial dentures at a very affordable price. Discuss all of these choices with your dentist, and listen carefully to their advice so that you can make a wise decision about partial dentures.

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