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Clenching or grinding teeth during the day or night, sometimes unknowingly, refers to bruxism. However, the problem gets severe when the same occurs during sleep at night as it becomes more difficult to manage. The muscle strain caused during the above process sometimes leads to TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) disorder.

One of the best and the easiest treatments of these dental problems is the use of night guards (also called mouth protector, gum-shield, gum-guard). A dental night guard is a protective shield which is worn at bedtime to avert grinding or clenching, protecting your teeth and TMJ.

The Potential Benefits of Wearing a Night Guard

In addition to protecting teeth from grinding at night, patients have also mentioned other benefits to wearing their night guard, including; improved breathing, deeper sleeping, less snoring, and more.

The dental night guard acts as a cushion between the upper and lower jaw, thereby reducing tension, friction between teeth and damage. A night guard also helps in keeping the jaw aligned, as well as reducing other problems associated with it like earaches, headaches, etc. The thin hard plastic substance of a night guard makes it suitable for absorbing the impact caused when clenching.

Several brands offer ready to use night guards; however, custom-made night guards are safer, more effective and allow the dentist to monitor the results. A custom-made night guard fits perfectly and is designed to treat the specific condition of the patient.

If you are in need of a night guard, or a sports mouth guard, let us custom-make one for you, for the best results. Be sure to call us with any questions at 713-789-8680.

Night Mouth Guard Dentist Houston - Elite Dental Wellness
To ensure longevity and proper hygiene of the dental night guard, only a few simple steps of cleansing are required. Remove the guard, dip it in antiseptic mouthwash for 15 minutes, brush it with a toothbrush, and rinse under cool running water.

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