Gum disease in Houston TX

Houston TX dental treatment

Houston TX dental treatment

Leftover plaque can become a major pain—literally. Don’t let it linger in your mouth for too long, or you run the risk of developing gum disease. But if you do, see a professional who can help you keep it in check. Reach out to Elite Dental Wellness for Houston TX dental treatment.

Gingivitis, also known as the silent killer, is one of the top causes of dental loss in adults. Depending on the structure of teeth, some folks are more susceptible to developing it than others. For instance, dental crowding lowers flossing efficiency since the thread can’t slide into most crevices deeply enough to remove plaque. That’s why, despite consistent oral hygiene efforts, plaque can linger and build-up. Eventually plaque becomes tartar—which inches your teeth and gums perilously close to the next stage. Gum disease. You see, that tartar lodged between your teeth attacks gums, leaving them inflamed from irritation. As that irritation continues, gum recession kicks in. After gums shrink away, dental bone is the next thing to be affected. Bone loss causes dental instability which can eventually result in tooth loss. While this sounds worrisome, gum disease can easily be prevented by committing to frequent professional cleanings. Dentists have all the right tools to make sure residual plaque and tartar is eradicated. But if you’re already past the point of prevention, don’t worry. Get it treated by a group of highly-trained professionals. Like our amazing staff at Elite Dental Wellness—we’ll gladly provide you with Houston TX dental treatment.

Wait around no more. Empower yourself today by taking control of your oral health. Not tomorrow or next month—today. Schedule an appointment with our fantastic professionals at Elite Dental Wellness. After the visit, you won’t control that proud smile, creasing into a balloon stretch no matter where you are. You’ll wonder why you didn’t get Houston TX dental treatment sooner.

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