Common causes of toothaches in Houston

Houston toothache

Houston toothache

Perhaps the most compelling reason for you to ensure that you have a checkup at our office every six months is that it’s the single most effective way to prevent the onset of a Houston toothache. Here at Elite Dental Wellness, we believe in early detection to head off pain, but if you do experience any then we are also here for the timely care you require.

There are three primary causes of a Houston toothache, and one that is secondary, in the sense that it is the result of one of the others not being addressed promptly. A cavity, loose or lost filling, or chipped or cracked tooth opens up a breach in your tooth’s protective layers, which ordinarily act to keep the pulp and nerve inside shielded. The pain in your tooth, whether mild or severe, typically is due to the effects of air or cold or hot items on your tooth’s nerve. It’s certainly unpleasant, and if you get a filling or a crown, your tooth will once again have its barrier restored. But there is another danger. Bacteria can get inside and infect the pulp. Additional symptoms, such as pain when you put pressure on the tooth or chew, tooth discoloration, gum tenderness, or swelling may become noticeable. If so, you will need more than a filling or crown. The infected tissue must be removed, necessitating root canal therapy. Ultimately, the goal of our dentist is to make certain that your tooth is treated and that you can keep it strong and healthy in the long term. The worst case is a tooth extraction, which is only a last resort when the tooth is beyond the point that treatment could be successful.

Don’t ignore your Houston toothache or put off getting care for it. Call us immediately so that we can have you seen at the earliest possible time.

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