Houston toothache

Toothaches in Houston

What causes a toothache? A complete list would be very long, and for the most part unnecessary. It’s really just a few common reasons that the overwhelming majority of toothaches can be traced back to. At Elite Dental Wellness, regardless of what has made you experience tooth pain, you can count on timely, expert care in providing relief.

The typical culprits that may be responsible for your Houston toothache are cavities, loose or lost fillings, chipped or cracked teeth, and infections inside your tooth. Yours may begin with a minor twinge that only shows up intermittently, but that does not mean you should ignore it or consider it a low priority. On the contrary, your mild Houston toothache is likely to grow worse, and even if it doesn’t, the underlying cause can usually be remedied more successfully when it is addressed promptly. Infections are generally secondary causes of toothaches, which is to say that when your tooth’s protective barriers are compromised, bacteria can get inside. Putting off getting attention increases the chances of that happening. What is needed is the repair of the breach in your tooth’s natural layers that is represented by the cavity or damage that has resulted from the chip or crack. Often, a simple filling or crown is all that is necessary. However, if infection does set in, you will require root canal therapy to repair the damage caused and to save the tooth. The last thing you want is to lose the tooth, though that can happen, especially if you wait too long to get care.

Never forget that your Houston toothache is your body’s way of sending you a message. Listen to that message and call our office immediately to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. There’s no reason for you to suffer any longer than is absolutely necessary under the circumstances.

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