Sedation dentistry in Houston

Houston sedation dentist

Houston sedation dentist

At Elite Dental Wellness, we know how important it is for patients to feel happy and relaxed at their appointment. That’s why we perform easy and safe sedation dentistry techniques. Our Houston sedation dentist will quickly put you at ease so that you can go through your procedure without a care in the world. Our techniques are painless, safe and easy, and make the patient more relaxed during procedures that can cause anxiety. Many patients have a fear of the dentist and find that they cannot sit through procedures that are lengthy or may cause them severe anxiety.

Our Houston sedation dentist can administer sedation through one of three ways, IV, inhalation, or through the use of pills. All three methods are easy and allow the patient to enter a relaxed state where they are comfortable in their surroundings and the course of their dental treatment. Should you choose IV sedation, a licensed anesthesiologist will administer the medication. Depending on the procedure, patients may require anti-anxiety or deep sedatives to get them to a relaxed state. More complex procedures like root canals and implants usually require deeper sedatives. All of the procedures are done safely and with success each time.

After your procedure, you may need someone to drive you home until the side effects go away, which is usually after 3 to 4 hours. Our Houston sedation dentist recommends having sedation dentistry if you are too anxious to have important dental procedures performed, as having a healthy mouth is crucial to keeping teeth in place and without cavity and decay for a long time. We follow guidelines set by the ADA and take all patient’s medical history into consideration first before administering any sedation dentistry or medications. Call today to find out how sedation dentistry can help you relax during your procedures and make dental visits more pleasant.

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