Replace Missing Teeth in Houston

Houston Dental Implants

Houston Dental Implants

Having one or more missing teeth can be unsightly. This can lead to you feeling self-conscious when you speak, smile, or laugh. Aside from the obvious cosmetic drawbacks, a missing tooth can allow the remaining ones on that jaw to shift, resulting in discomfort and jaw misalignment. Our Houston dental implants are the ideal solution to replace missing teeth. They have many advantages when compared to older and more traditional choices such as bridges and dentures. Here at Elite Dental Wellness, we want you to have the highest level of dental health and a full set of strong, great-looking teeth.

There are various reasons why you may need our Houston dental implants. Perhaps you had a tooth extracted or one was knocked out due to an injury or an accident. Regardless of why you have that empty space where you used to have a tooth, what’s important is filling it back up again. The process is simple, with two basic steps involved. First, you will have a cylindrical titanium post placed surgically in your jaw. Over the next few months, your jaw bone will grow around it and eventually fuse with it. You now have a dependable and sturdy foundation. The second part will be when our dentist measures you for a custom-fit crown, made from tooth-colored material, that will be put on top of the post and cemented for permanence. You will have a prosthetic tooth that is every bit as reliable as one of your natural teeth. You can chew with it, even tough foods, and you can feel confident when you speak or laugh, because it won’t move around on you. With proper care, an implant can last a lifetime.

Why are our Houston dental implants superior to fixed bridges and removable dentures? Those choices require the loss of tooth material from neighboring teeth and the use of messy adhesive, respectively. Neither replaces the root, but only the tooth on the surface, so they are less like real teeth. Dentures can slide around on you, making you feel awkward. But implants have none of those drawbacks. Why not call today and get started on restoring your full smile.

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