Replace missing teeth in Houston

Houston Dental Implants

Houston Dental Implants

A full beautiful smile full of healthy teeth is the goal of our Elite Dental Wellness practice for each of our patients. While our practice strives to prevent tooth and gum problems and restore teeth when a problem does arise sometimes teeth are missing or just need to be extracted due to disease or injury. When this happens our doctor can replace missing teeth using a Houston dental implants.

Houston dental implants begin with an evaluation by our doctor of your mouth to see if implants or another tooth replacement option is best for you. Digital imaging will help our doctor pinpoint the implant site and tell if there is sufficient bone available at the site to support the implant. Our doctor will then open the gum above the site and surgically implant a titanium anchor directly into the jawbone and then reseal the gum. Over time the anchor will bond with the bone and essentially become a part of it forming the strongest possible root for the replacement tooth. When the anchor and bone have bonded (3 – 6 months) an abutment or post will be placed on the anchor, which will be topped by a crown that provides the new chewing surface for the tooth. The crown is milled in our office to exactly match the size, shape and color of your teeth. The new tooth will look; feel and function just like the original tooth.

Houston dental implants can also be used to secure bridges and dentures to replace several missing teeth or a whole jaw of teeth. In these cases our doctor will implant a series or four or five anchors along the jaw line, these anchors will hold a full denture securely in place without any slippage. Anchored dentures can be made to be fixed or removable. Bridges held by implanted anchors are stronger than the traditional method of suspending the artificial teeth from crowns over the adjacent teeth and, therefore, do not damage the neighboring teeth. Don’t live with missing teeth come into our office for an evaluation.

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