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The difference between a dental and periodontal cleaning is a matter of degrees. The periodontal cleaning requires our Houston best dentist getting down to the roots in order to get out the plaque and tartar that have caused you to suffer from advanced gum disease. If you want to have the best chance to avoid this more invasive treatment, be sure to come in for regular six months dental cleanings. Here at Elite Dental Wellness, we are committed to prevention first.

The first stage of gum disease is called gingivitis. Dental plaque and tartar cause it, and the effects are relatively mild: irritation and redness. You may notice it or you may not, but either way it needs to be addressed. The good news is that all you need is a dental cleaning. While it is eliminating tartar buildup and residual plaque, it is also reversing the effects of gingivitis. Sometimes, it may take a second round of dental cleaning to get the best results, but what is of greatest importance is that gum disease does not continue to progress. If it becomes advanced, what is known as periodontitis, the symptoms are considerably more concerning than with gingivitis. Inflammation or even infection is likely to occur, and that means bleeding while brushing, recurring or constant bad breath, and receding gums. Your gum and bone tissue may atrophy, and that weakening can result in loose teeth. Our Houston best dentist will then need to do a periodontal cleaning to get your gums back on the road to healing. It’s important to seek help from the very first indication of periodontitis in order to promote positive outcomes.

Schedule your next dental cleaning right now. If you come in twice per year to see our Houston best dentist, chances are you won’t need to have a periodontal cleaning at all.

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