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General Dentistry is the medical practice involving the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases and other conditions of the mouth.

Most dentists will possess at least a bachelors degree prior to the specialized training of dentistry. The education of dentistry lasts at least an additional four years and culminates with the awarding of a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) designation.

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Dentistry is Essential to Your Health

What may seem as a minor disorder of the mouth can develop into a much more serious malfunction of ones body. Negative conditions in the mouth may lead to diseases like diabetes and even cancer. Studies have shown problems with a persons gums can be indicative of heart disease.

Preventative Dentistry

The functions involved with general dentistry are a very necessary requirement due to the high incidence of problems found with teeth and gums. The two most prevalent problems encountered by most people are tooth decay and pyorrhea, otherwise known as gum disease.

These dilemmas can be easily solved in the dentist office through fillings or extraction and in the case of troubles of the gums, possibly scaling of the teeth. They can provide simple cosmetic treatments usually involving the cleaning and whitening of teeth.

General dentistry training also covers somewhat complicated procedures including bridges, crowns and dentures. Dentists also have the capability of prescribing necessary medications like antibiotics or sedatives.

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Dentists who practice general dentistry are sometimes called family dentists. This is due to their ability to treat young children, teens, and adults all the way up to senior citizens. Dentists support the practice of good daily hygiene and regular checkups as the best method in preventing the occurrence of oral disease.

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