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Dental implants are the strongest, most durable restoration that can be placed in a patient’s mouth. If dental implants are taken care of properly, they will last the rest of the patient’s life.

A dental implant is a strong, metal post that replaces the roots of a tooth that is beyond repair. In the event that a tooth is missing already, for whatever reason, an implant can be placed to act as the root of a new, fabricated tooth. These fabricated teeth are called Dental Implant Restorations.

Not every patient is a candidate for a dental implant; however, if a patient is a candidate, it is a great solution and can help restore function to the affected area. Patients who receive a dental implant say that after everything has healed they can’t even tell it’s not their real tooth.

Dental Implants are Available for Denture Wearers

People who wear dentures are often frustrated with the way their dentures feel or move while eating or performing normal functions, like speaking. Implant Dentures were invented to eliminate these issues. They are comfortable, solid and easy to maintain.

Life-Like Restorations

When a dental implant is placed, we place a beautiful restoration on top that matches the color and luminosity of your surrounding teeth. Our dental crowns are fabricated in house with a specialized crown milling unit so there is no need to wait one or two weeks for a dental lab, in most cases.

Before milling the crown, we scan the implant with a special laser that sends information about your implant, gums and surrounding teeth to crown planning software.

This software will automatically select a crown for you and we make edits to the size and shape of it to ensure the fit is precise. Once we have everything designed the way we want, we send it to the mill and within no time the crown is complete.

Dental Implants Dentist Houston - Elite Dental Wellness
This method of designing and milling a crown in our own office gives us better control over the final result, and allows our patients to receive better treatment, quicker and more comfortably. In most cases, there is no more need for a temporary crown anymore and the crown can be placed the same day. This saves our patients one or two trips to the dentist and they love that!

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