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Tooth Colored Dental Fillings

Tooth colored dental fillings are strong and durable and they seal a tooth very well. Silver, amalgam fillings are still around and available; however, because of the way silver fillings look, more people opt for the white fillings.

White dental fillings are made of resin or porcelain materials and bond to the tooth with the use of a curing light. Once in place, the dentist will check your bite, to make sure the new restoration isn’t in the way of the normal function of your tooth, and remove any excess material.

White Fillings for a Realistic Look

As technology improves in the dental industry, so does the cosmetic appearance of the products. The results of white fillings are phenomenal. We can match the color of the filling to the shade of your tooth.

Amalgam, Silver Filling Removal

We get requests from patients, often, who want their silver fillings removed and replaced by white, tooth colored fillings. We can accommodate those requests and turn your silver mouth into a beautiful, bright smile. Now, you can laugh as hard as you want and not feel conscious about all that metal.

We love to see the smile on patients faces when they look at their teeth for the first time after the removal of their silver fillings. They love the result and we are grateful we can help. If you are interested in removing the silver fillings from your teeth, or any dental work for that matter, please call us at 713-789-8680. Come see us!

Tooth Colored Fillings Dentist Houston - Elite Dental Wellness

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