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Realistic, Beautiful Dental Crowns

Crowns are used in many cases to help weak teeth from getting extensive damage to the point where it has to be pulled. In fact, a crown can help protect a broken tooth or even cracked tooth from further damage or decay.

On the cosmetic side of dentistry, a crown is often used to hide discolored or misshapen teeth. Many people do not realize that your smile is something that will hold a lasting impression someone’s mind. Making sure that your teeth are taken care of is one of the most important aspects of personal hygiene.

Periodontal Disease, Gingivitis, and Dental Crowns

If you currently suffer from periodontal disease or gingivitis, then we will help you get rid of that so you can get a dental crown, or other needed treatment.

Same-Day Dentistry

At Elite Dental Wellness, we offer same-day dentistry to our patients who qualify. That means if you need a dental crown, inlay or onlay, we can diagnose, prep your tooth and place your final restoration in the same appointment. The crowns we place are extremely durable, look realistic, and accurately fit your prepped tooth for a long-lasting restoration.

We have placed a dental restoration milling unit in our office to allow our patients to conveniently receive the timely, quality care they deserve. Once your tooth has been prepared to receive a crown, we take a digital impression of your teeth and send the data to the milling unit. The milling unit creates a life-like crown that is then placed.

Dental Crown Dentist Houston - Elite Dental Wellness
Dental crowns can last up to 7 years, and even longer if great care is taken to protect your teeth. During this time, it is important that you visit your dentist periodically in order to ensure the health of your crown and surrounding teeth.

Sometimes a crown can chip or break, and if this happens it is important to visit your dentist asap. Once you have your crown, you will be able to commence eating as normal after your dentist says it’s okay to.

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