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A dental bridge is a great way to replace a missing tooth if a dental implant isn’t an option for a patient. A dental bridge is a porcelain appliance that covers the gap that a missing tooth has left.

The way the bridge is secured in the mouth is by capping onto the teeth adjacent the missing tooth. Because of advances in technology, a dental bridge looks great, like a real tooth, and can last a long time if proper care is taken.

If a gap is left in a patients mouth because of a missing tooth or other reason, it’s important to have the problem addressed right away. Shifting in the teeth can cause additional issues to occur that can be detrimental to other teeth or a person’s overall health.

Your Diet and Your Dental Health

Pain is no longer the enemy with modern dental practices. Technology has improved, along with the diets of many Americans, and a good diet has a direct effect on the health of your gums and teeth. Dentists today go out of their way to keep patients informed about the procedures that will take place and also about any at-home care regimes that can improve dental visits even more.

The Importance of Healthy Teeth

Even with advanced dental care, decay and disease can occur. Some folks are more prone to dental problems because of their genetics and their diet. Others have healthy teeth but because of overwhelming circumstances are unable to care for them properly. When that happens, a dental bridge is often needed.

Dental bridges rely on your other teeth to remain in place. They are used to fill the gap where your teeth used to be. A dental bridge isn’t just important for cosmetic reasons. It is also important for health reasons.

Folks who have lost one or more teeth have difficulty chewing, and they often change their diet to get around having to chew on anything solid. This can result in them not consuming adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals, which can lead to fatigue, illness and even disease.

Dental Bridges Dentist Houston - Elite Dental Wellness
Getting a dental bridge is important for health and to maintain a sense of well-being. Dental bridges are not difficult to take care of, and when they are properly fitted and maintained they are comfortable and can last a long time.

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