Toothache in Houston

Best dentist in Houston

Best dentist in Houston

As much as we don’t like to think about the misfortunes that can happen in life, it is always better to be prepared. When it comes to your teeth, knowing when to see an emergency dentist can end up saving you a lot of time and pain down the road. Our best dentist in Houston at Elite Dental Wellness is specifically versed in dental emergencies and conditions. With outstanding patient care, we handle your dental emergency with precision and gentleness.

Some oral conditions may need immediate attention, and others can wait. Pain or toothaches are a tell-tale sign that something is wrong with one or several of your teeth. Common mouth injuries like cracked or broken teeth can cause mild to severe pain depending on the nature of the injury. Falling, being hit in the mouth, or even biting on something hard can cause damage. If you are able to, it is always a good idea to give us a call in such emergency cases and we can help you evaluate the severity of the situation. If part of a tooth has fallen out, try to keep the part in place by biting down on gauze and visit us right away. If you can not keep it in place, keep the piece in a container of milk or saliva until you can make your way over to our best dentist in Houston.

Some dental emergencies are not quite as severe, but still require attention and treatment. Toothaches can be an indication of a cavity, a mild injury, or a number of other conditions. If you are in pain or discomfort don’t suffer for weeks – visit our best dentist in Houston for quick and expert treatment. Why visit anyone less than the best for your dental emergencies.

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