Oral surgery in 77063

77063 oral surgery

77063 oral surgery

Oral surgery tends to yield the best results and provide the highest level of comfort when performed by a dedicated and experienced practitioner. Here at Elite Dental Wellness, you can be assured of that. We offer an array of vital options when it comes to our 77063 oral surgery, including teeth extraction and placement of dental implants.

Tooth extractions can either be for your regular teeth, or for wisdom teeth. And while the procedure itself is similar in both instances, the reasons why you might need it done can vary. Wisdom teeth typically grow in in your late teens to early 20s. In most situations, they tend to grow in only partially or crooked. Impaction and infection may follow. The more quickly they are removed, the less pain you will have to deal with. Expertise is essential in this procedure, since there is nerve and bone tissue, as well as other teeth, to navigate around. Some forms of our 77063 oral surgery are done with regard to your jaws. This can be due to unequal jaw growth, a fractured or injured jaw, or a condition called TMJ disorder. Proper jaw function is crucial to everything you do. In addition to jaw injuries, general facial injury can also be affected positively with our 77063 oral surgery, as can repair of cleft lip or palate. Procedures to correct snoring are also done. They are known as somnoplasty. And because early diagnosis of cancer is important, our oral surgeon removes lesions so that they can be biopsied. Perhaps the most popular type of oral surgery is for dental implants. And why not? They represent the most advanced tooth replacement, and one that can last a lifetime.

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